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Calcium is a mineral that helps with your dog's growth, maintaining healthy bones and teeth, proper muscle building and function, heart health, and maintaining a healthy nervous system. Dogs (and humans!) cannot produce this mineral naturally, so they must obtain it from food.

Pets with abnormally low calcium levels often show signs of muscle twitching, loss of appetite, weakness, and listlessness. In severe cases, pets may have convulsions or seizures.

Dairy products, like live yogurts, cheeses, and cottage cheese, are also a great source of calcium for dogs, as well as vegetables and legumes such as broccoli, spinach, and beans but many dogs will refuse to eat them.

You can also add a raw egg to your dog's meal, even include the crushed shell.

Raw diets without raw meaty bones (whole or ground) will be severely deficient in calcium and phosphorus. If raw meaty bones are not fed, a calcium supplement, such as calcium carbonate or bone meal, is necessary to supply essential calcium.

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